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CNC Aluminum extrusion

CNC Aluminum extrusion

Medical equipment tape Hospital ward equipment belt.Central oxygen supply equipment belt. Equipment belt manufacturer. Quick details: Product model: KX-037 Product parameters: 1. Adopt the aluminum alloy once forming technology, extruded by large tonnage hydraulic equipment, and the thickness of...

CNC aluminum extrusion

Product description:

CNC aluminum extrusion for Medical equipment belt, Hospital ward equipment belt, Central oxygen supply equipment belt

Quick details:

Product model: KX-037


Product parameters:

1. Adopt the extruded aluminum alloy once forming technology, extruded by large tonnage hydraulic equipment, and the thickness of aluminum alloy sheet is 1.8mm.

2. According to the HTM2022 standard, the design concept of electrical separation and strong and weak electricity separation is adopted.

3. The surface is treated with electrostatic powder spraying technology, and there are many colors to choose from. 4. With large internal cavity space, the equipment can be loaded with various electrical equipment and gas sockets.

4. Including lighting, reading lamps, special purpose lights, power sockets, telephone or network sockets, electrical switches, medical gas sockets, nurse call systems, etc.

5. The lampshade adopts the medical polyester transparent plastic, which can be determined according to the needs of the user.

6. New LED energy-saving lamps can be used, which can be applied to medical equipment. The advantages of this lamp are energy saving, highlighting and long life.

7. Electrical equipment can be assembled according to the requirements of users, including English, legal, Australian and metric power switches and sockets.

8. The equipment belt can be assembled with modular structure, that is, the main panel is composed of independent standardized modules, and the style is beautiful and easy to be expanded.

9. Electrical equipment is available in both light and dark, with the above is the electrical panel installed on the equipment with panel, dark outfit electrical module is installed in the equipment belt down to the bottom of the panel, electrical equipment and equipment surface is flush with plane.

10. The panel is assembled with a buckle mode, easy to be broken down and easy to maintain.

11. The backseat of the equipment can be fixed on the wall with the expansion screw, or it can be hung on the wall.

12. The internal structure is reasonable and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The length is 6 meters for the best saving material.

CNC aluminum extrusion parts for Medical Equipment Belt showing:




The divided parts of this medical equipment belt


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