Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink

Vapour chamber aluminium Heat Sinks Liquid cooling heat sink with SGS approval Brief Introduction: Vapour chamber aluminium Heat Sinks Liquid cooling heat sink for LED lighting. We have focus on this new type of heat transfer technology for over 5 years and have achieved 13 patents for it. The...

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Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink

Brief Introduction:  

Vapor chamber aluminum phase change cooling heat sink for LED lighting with SGS approval

We have focused on this new type of heat transfer technology for over 5 years and have achieved 13 patents for it. The thermal conductivity using this liquid cooling thermal system is over 30 times better than copper.

The research and development of High-power phase change radiator include instantaneous high-temperature hot melt welding technology, low boiling point heat transfer media synthesis technology, high vacuum forming technology and reasonable thermal design technology.

Main technology is the microgravity superconducting vacuum thermal phase transition.

The advantage:

1. super thermal conductivity

2. super cooling capacity

3. no power consumption cooling

4. light weight, small size

5. high reliability

6. cost-effective, environmentally friendly

Quick details:

Model NO.: KX-019

Vapour chamber Liquid cooling heat sink.png

Origin:  Foshan China

Heat sink Material:  Aluminum AA6063/AA6060

product name: phase change cooling heat sink 

comparision project

our Phase change technology

Brass technology

Micro slot group technology

Small heat pipe splicing technology


applying high temperature hot melt welding, non-molecular leakage

Using a screw seal, the leakage rate of 90%

Using argon arc welding and brazing, the leakage rate of 50%

Using heat pipe plus fins, leakage rate of 5%


phase change aluminium

Hot column

Micro slot group

Small heat pipe stitching

Heatflux density





temperature increasing control





Thermal resistance / contact point

same material

two kinds of material

one kind material

two kinds of material






combination  ways

Hot melt welding




The structure of the product:

1: Liquid thermal medium

2: phase change alloy aluminum sealing plate

3: alloy aluminum light source thermal conductivity board

4: the integrated aluminum heat sink

5: phase change alloy thermal conductivity group

Applying the vacuum seal structure with heat fins surrounding.

Traditional heat sink 

Phase change Self R&D heat sink

Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink.jpg

Phase Change Cooling Radiator.png

Three-layer sealed holes drawings:

Traditional seal holes

Aluminum Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink.png

Rivure sealing holes after updated

Aluminum Phase Change Cooling Radiator.png

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