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Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink

Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink

​The Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink utilizes the gas-liquid phase change of the phase change material to absorb and release a large amount of heat.

Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink

Brief Introduction:  

The phase change heat sink utilizes the gas-liquid phase change of the phase change material to absorb and release a large amount of heat. For example, the boiling point of water is 100℃, and the thermal energy required to raise the temperature of 1 Kg of water from 99℃ to 100℃ is 4200 Jol; 1Kg 100℃ water becomes 100°C vapor after heat absorption, but the temperature does not change, but the absorbed heat is 2260000 joules, and the absorbed heat is 500 times the heat  the water absorbs to rise 1℃. On the contrary, it takes a lot of heat to release water from the gaseous state and return it to the liquid state. The phase change material encapsulated in the heat sink uses this principle to achieve efficient heat dissipation.

The advantage:

1. An effective volume that can provide space for the device

2. The highest temperature that can be made to the device node

3. Can reduce the power loss of the device

4. Can improve the environment (temperature around the device, as well as the flow rate of the air)

5. The superconducting heat pipe is vaporized by the high vacuum liquid bottom temperature, and the true gas rapidly flows to transfer heat

6. Closely combined with the heat sink, the heat is quickly transferred to the heat sink through the heat pipe, and the heat of the chip is effectively controlled

7. Safer and longer-lasting with natural heat dissipation

8. Easy installation, quality clearance, after a variety of tests (aging test, temperature difference test, power test, life test, thermal shock test, explosion point test, etc.)

9. Under normal conditions of use, product life is greater than ten years

10. Heat pipe can be sold separately to provide heat pipe and aluminum assembly technology

11. We can process all kinds of diameters, various lengths, various bottom plates according to customer requirements.

Quick details:

Model NO.: KX-019

Vapour chamber Liquid cooling heat sink.png

Heat sink Material:  Aluminum AA6063/AA6060

product name: phase change cooling heat sink 

Phase change technology


applying high temperature hot melt welding, non-molecular leakage


phase change aluminium

Heatflux density


temperature increasing control


Thermal resistance / contact point

same material



combination  ways

Hot melt welding

The structure of the product:

1: Liquid thermal medium

2: phase change alloy aluminum sealing plate

3: alloy aluminum light source thermal conductivity board

4: the integrated aluminum heat sink

5: phase change alloy thermal conductivity group

Applying the vacuum seal structure with heat fins surrounding.

Traditional heat sink 

Phase change Self R&D heat sink

Three-layer sealed holes drawings:

Traditional seal holes

Rivure sealing holes after updated

Why Choose US:

1. Passed CE , quality guarantee

2. Factory direct sale, competitive prices, and prompt delivery.

3.Over 15 years experience in aluminum heat sink manufacturing

4.OEM and customer label are available.

5.Customer Service available 24/7. Great pre-sale and after-sale customer service.

6.Professional suggestions and technical support service, help you realize your goals and boost your    sustainable development.

7.Integrity and honesty are our company policy. Whatever we promise we keep it. 

8.Payment Options: Western Union, TT, L/C are available.

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