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How do elastic sheet parts work?

- Oct 16, 2017 -

In production, the most easy to deformation of the elastic thin plate parts inspection, found that the machining accuracy can completely meet the design requirements, but found the size and shape of the tolerance after deletion, great changes have taken place, far beyond the scope of design. Weak reason: the easy deformation and rigidity of component of thin elastic data accuracy is not high, poor smoothness, compression artifacts is caused by the atmospheric pressure or pressure tight suction power, such as clamping force caused by deformation of the workpiece, the processing deformation conditions, although the detection of workpiece size, shape and position tolerance meet the design requirements, but down the workpiece deformation recovery, its size and shape tolerance, great changes have taken place, more than the scope of the design requirements.

Test the other part of the easy deformation of the elastic thin plate parts, found that the size, form and position tolerance of workpiece and machine tool processing precision of the normal, this is because the workpiece in cutting cutting force in the deformation of components, front, cause deformation parts.

Therefore, it is an important measure to improve the precision of parts, reduce the clamping deformation and reduce the cutting force.

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