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The classification and use for aluminum extrustion profile, aluminum machining parts and customised aluminum profile
Jul 13, 2018

Kaixin aluminum products co., LTD, also called Kaixin Enterprise Ltd., established ten years ago, has developed rapidly and become an industry benchmark. This not only because of the base in Guangdong, but also because of Kaixin aluminum have the professional cutting machine and aluminum processing equipment, after the aluminum quality demanding on processing,  there is no doubt that aluminum on cutting and processing must be accurate. Our aluminum products are exported all over the world, and good technology is favored by customers. Every process has a strict control, I have to say, Kaixin aluminum can't develop so quickly without the effort of each person in Kaixin, especially the trust of our customers!

Customized Aluminum extrusions widely used in construction already can't satisfy the market demand, the aluminum industry to gradually perfect the system, aluminum customization has become a new choice, the aluminum custom fees are generally aluminum base + processing fee (material extrusion, surface treatment), mould cost, mould cost is generally can be returned, the premise for the order quantity reaches a certain quantity.

Classification and use of aluminum profiles

A well-known and widely used aluminum, very many varieties, many just involved in aluminum industry demand manufacturer are not very clear, Kaixin aluminum would like to introduce to you how to classify the aluminum extrusion profile,

1. Building aluminum profiles (including doors, Windows and curtain walls).

2. Radiator aluminum profile.

3, industrial aluminium profile: mainly used in industrial production, such as skeleton of automation machinery and equipment, sealing cover and companies according to their own custom mould machinery and equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belt, lifting machine, glue machine, testing equipment, shelves, etc., and mostly in the clean room use electronic machinery industry.

4. Aluminum alloy profiles of rail vehicle structure: mainly used in the manufacture of rail vehicle body.

5. Mount aluminum profiles, make aluminum picture frames, mount various exhibitions and decorative paintings.

Kaixin aluminum Mainly focuses on aluminum profiles for industrial use, CNC parts, precision aluminum products, aluminum heat sinks and even some metal parts. For more products' detail, please visit us at: