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Aluminum Material (including Cast Aluminum And Aluminum) Radiator Advantage
Oct 17, 2017

What are the advantages of comparing with other materials: such as energy saving, materials, decorative, price, weight, and so on. Aluminum alloy of high thermal conductivity, is to maintain a good cooling function of the decisive factor and the ideal heat transfer medium. Features are: with less time, heating fast, high efficiency. Light and clever, easy processing is a major feature. Equivalent specifications of the radiator, aluminum alloy weight is the steel radiator 1/3. Aluminum radiator in a variety of radiators is the lightest, easy handling, while its thermal conductivity is good, heat dissipation, heat is also fast, high thermal strength of metal, because it is easy to extrusion, will be squeezed into Various shapes of radiator, so the appearance of new and beautiful, decorative strong. As the aluminum oxide after the formation of alumina is the best protective film, to avoid it further oxidation, so it is not afraid of oxidative corrosion, the price is very popular with the working class welcome. Aluminum radiator, it is good thermal conductivity, high pressure, high thermal strength of metal. I produced the 2A600-6 aluminum radiator, the national testing center test metal thermal strength of 2.277W / Kg ℃, and cast iron 0.4W / Kg ℃ steel 0.76W / Kg ℃, copper and aluminum 1.728W / Kg ℃, aluminum heat dissipation, heat fast, the efficiency of aluminum radiator is the most important feature, the appearance of electrostatic spray, beautiful color, good decoration. The overall evaluation is: comprehensive production does not pollute the environment, do not pollute the water quality. The heat dissipation is four times the cast angle. Light weight is one-tenth of cast iron. Beautiful and generous, occupying a small room space, environmental protection and energy conservation. It is in line with China's development of the radiator "light, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving" character requirements.