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Do You Know The Type Of Radiator?
Oct 16, 2017

According to the way that the heat is taken from the radiator, the radiator can be divided into active heat and passive heat, the former is the air cooled radiator, and the latter is usually the heat sink. Further subdivision of heat dissipation can be divided into wind and cold, heat pipe, liquid cold, semiconductor refrigeration and compressor refrigeration, etc.

Air cooling is the most common, and very simple, is to use the fan to take away the heat absorbed by the radiator. It has the advantages of relatively low price and simple installation, but it is more dependent on environmental dependence, such as temperature rise and over-frequency.

Heat pipe is a kind of high heat conduction performance of the heat transfer element, it through the liquid evaporation and condensation in the vacuum tube to transmit heat, it use wool absorption function of fluid principle, have the similar refrigerator compressor refrigeration effect. Has a very high thermal conductivity, excellent isothermal property, heat and cold on both sides of the heat transfer area can be arbitrary change, which can be heat transfer and temperature can be controlled at a series of advantages, and composed of a heat pipe heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small fluid resistance loss, etc. Because of its special heat transfer characteristic, it can control the temperature of pipe wall and avoid dew point corrosion.

Liquid cooling is the heat that USES liquid to force the circulation to take away the radiators. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quiet, cooling and low environmental dependence. But the price of heat tube and liquid cold is relatively high, and installation is relatively troublesome.