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Kaixin Team Pay A Visit To Our Customers In Europe
Dec 06, 2018

In order to further understand the customer's needs, improve our service quality, enhance our company's image and efficiency and consolidate and expand the international market, the marketing manager of the company conducted a 12 days visit to our some key customers in Europe. The main contents of this visit include: understand the sales and after-sales situation after customers purchase our products and listen to the customers' opinions and Suggestions. 

The clients we visited this time are mainly located in Germany, Italy, Spain and Malta. Their opinions and Suggestions are very important for our future continuous cooperation. Only by timely understanding the requirements of our customers on products, can we make corresponding adjustments, so as to improve the quality of service. Through this face-to-face communication, customers can increase their trust and sense of identity to our company, so as to harmonize the feelings of both sides and consolidate the cooperative relationship.

According to the market difference, we recommend our company's products to customers based on their specific needs, as well as to provide them with certain technical support and free prototype samples for their new projects. We highly recommend the company's core technology products - vacuum phase change technology radiator aluminum heat sinks and our metal stamping parts made by the continuous die and progressive die metal parts together with the precision aluminum parts and CNC machining products.

By collecting problems, opinions and Suggestions from customers, collecting data for analysis and processing, we can find and summarize the key and difficult problems. Kaixin aluminum is a service-oriented company, we always treat customers as our top priority. From the consummation products, the optimization marketing, the safeguard post-sale service and so on, Kaixin Enterprise Limited will be improving better and better to serve our customers.