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Talking About The Waste Source Of Aluminum Alloy Profiles

- Oct 17, 2017 -

First, the waste of bad products

In the process of production, any bad product is produced, will cause human, material and there is a waste of time, if the product of the retirement rework, loss of materials and labor, orders and loss of credibility on the market, any Repair is the need to pay extra costs. Aluminum alloy production is required to early to explore some bad products, find and identify these bad sources, thereby reducing the generation of undesirable products, and strive to achieve "the first time to do things right." As far as possible in the production of the source to eliminate the production of bad products, we have to take preventive measures to prevent what bad raw materials and semi-finished products into the post-process, the pursuit of zero scrap rate.

Second, the waste of excess production

Lean production means that is "punctualized", that is, when the customer needs to make the customer needs the number of aluminum profiles, production too much or too early are also a waste.

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