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Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet Metal Stamping

This sheet metal stamping part is a small hardware metal press part, we can provide you this metal stamping with a very competitive price and good quality.

Sheet metal stamping part

Brief Introduction:  

Carbon Steel Stamping Welding press metal part.

For sheet metal parts with thin walls and large surface area, stamping is the most practical method to quickly produce thin-walled parts with good comprehensive mechanical properties.

This sheet metal stamping part is a small hardware metal press part, we can provide you this metal stamping with a very competitive price and good quality. 

The stamped sheet has good deep drawability, dent resistance, high modulus of elasticity and fatigue resistance.

Basic Info.:

Item Name: Sheet metal stamping

Model NO.: kx-029                                   

Pressing Type: shaping Metal

Material:  Metal/Steel plate

Mould :  Multistep Progressive tool/ single press tool

Product Name: Metal stamping parts

Surface Treatment: White zinc plating

Tooling: progressive tool/ single press tool

Type: cold stamping

Service: OEM+ODM

Process: Forming process

Carbon Steel Stamping Metal Part.jpg

Sheet stamping has the following characteristics:

(1) The stamping parts have high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, good interchangeability, and can be directly used without cutting, and the quality is stable.

(2) It can suppress parts with complicated shapes, and the material utilization rate is high, the weight of the product is light, and the strength and rigidity are high.

(3) The stamping production has high productivity and simple operation, and the process is easy to realize mechanization and automation, and the cost is low.

(4) The stamping die has a complicated structure, high precision requirements, and high manufacturing cost. Stamping can only show its superiority when it is produced in large quantities.

(5) The quality of the stamped parts is from one gram to several tens of kilograms, and the size is from one millimeter to several meters.

Carbon Steel Stamping Welded Press Metal Part.jpg

Our Quality Inspection machines. 


Our Advantage:


Over 5 sets Stamping/punching machines.

Over 12 sets automatic lathes, over 10 sets CNC lathes, over 10 sets CNC machining center,over 15 sets secondary processing machines.

Sample Making

Sample Order → Engineering Review → Sample Plan to Customer → Sample Status Tracking → Submit Samples with Doc.

» Tooling L/T: 2-4 wks, Sample L/T: 2 wks

» Continuous Sample Status Tracking

» Complete Documents for sample approval

Order Management

CRM System → Open Order Confirm → Logistic Arrangement.

» Production L/T: 2-4 wks

» Weekly Open Order Confirm

» Preferred 3PL Service to Customers

Quality Control

Certificates: RoHS, SGS.

IQC → IPQC → OQC/FQC → Quality Complain Feedback → Audit & Training.

» Plant Audit and Qualified by world famous company

» Strict Quality Management Procedure with Traceability

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