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Kaixin Enterprise Ltd. is a professional aluminum products manufacturer with headquarter in HK and branch office and factory in Foshan.

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Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink

​The Phase Change Cooling Heat Sink utilizes the gas-liquid phase change of the phase...

Solid State Relay Heatsink

We have exported this high-quality aluminum solid state relay heatsink to the European...

Innovated LED Tunnel Light

This innovated LED Tunnel light LED project light 60W 120W hardcover with new heat...

LED Flood Lights

500W LED projector, LED flood lights, pure luxury black anodizing

Custom CNC Machining

Our custom CNC machining parts are widely used in many industries, such as Aerospace/...

Precision Machined Aluminum Part

This precision machined aluminum part is used in the high-speed rail train. As we all...

Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Industrial aluminum extrusion profile Brief introduction: Kaixin Aluminum not only can...

architectural aluminium

We can produce various kinds of architectural aluminum extrusion profile according to...

Company Morning Meeting
Every morning we will hold a short morning meeting to do some sum up and cheer our people up. We hope every day we can start working in a very effective and energetic way with a fresh brain.
Another Big Project For Large LED Housing
It’s very honored that we won another big project for the 10k pcs large LED housing, and now we become the specific supplier for this customer.Your trust is our responsibility, that's what we stand for.
New Arrival PIA-6500CNC Machine
Cool, another big PIA-CNC6500 arrived at our KAIXIN workshop this afternoon. Absolutely awesome one which can machine any kinds of long aluminum extrusion profile even with the length of 6meter to 8 meters with faster speed function.