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CO2 laser cutting technology than other methods of the obvious advantages are
Oct 17, 2017

(1) cutting quality is good. The width of the incision is narrow (usually 0.1-0.5m), high precision (general hole center distance error 0.1-0.4mm, contour size error 0.1-0.5mm), the incision surface roughness is good (generally Ra is 12.5--25μm), slits generally do not need to re-processing that Can be welded.

(2) laser cutting speed. For example, using 2KW laser power, 8mm thick carbon steel cutting speed of 1.6m / min; 2mm thick stainless steel cutting speed of 3.5m / min, heat affected area is small, minimal deformation.

(3) clean, safe, non-polluting. Greatly improving the operating environment of the operator. Of course, CO2 laser cutting can not exceed electrical processing in terms of accuracy and incision surface roughness; it is difficult to achieve the level of flame and plasma cutting in terms of cutting thickness. But the above significant advantages are sufficient to demonstrate that CO2 laser cutting has been and is being replaced by some of the traditional cutting process methods, in particular the cutting of various nonmetallic materials. It is the rapid development of the application of an increasingly advanced method of advanced processing.