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Technical Characteristics of Ammonia Dispersing and Hydrogenation Furnace for Radiator Brazing
Oct 17, 2017

 1) decomposition furnace bile: ammonia decomposition hydrogen furnace furnace with high quality heat-resistant stainless steel 2520 material, TIG welding. U-tube vertical decomposition furnace can be used to make liquid ammonia into the flow rate slowed down evenly, so that the furnace can be filled with nickel catalyst to make full use of no dead ends. The use of the material with high temperature, corrosion resistance, long service life and so on.

2) catalyst: Southwest Chemical Industry Institute Z204 high temperature sintering nickel catalyst, the decomposition of liquid ammonia is good, with high decomposition activity, easy to powder, catalyst and not easy to aging.

 3) heating element: the internal heating system with nickel-chromium alloy, high thermal efficiency and not prone to failure, insulation system using vacuum suction filter forming lightweight aluminum silicate fiber insulation cotton, adiabatic effect is good, reduce the decomposition of ammonia Sex, effectively reduce the power consumption. My company ammonia decomposition furnace with a new structure, without stopping the case of replacement of electric wire: When the electric wire appears broken or damaged, the power off, and then the electric wire from the side of the furnace pulled out. In the new electric wire inserted into the power can be sent. Pull-type heating wire replacement cycle is short, 10 minutes to complete the replacement operation. Before the old structure using built-in electric wire, when the electric wire breakage and damage to the entire furnace to stop, so the furnace temperature down and then clawed the furnace in the electric wire removed in the replacement, because some companies can not buy two devices , A work of a spare. This is a waste of time affecting the company's normal production. Sometimes the price of a company's stove may be more expensive than the price of a set of equipment.

4) Heat exchanger: When the ammonia decomposition furnace work, ammonia bottle of liquid ammonia into the carburetor, the liquid liquid ammonia to be vaporized, so that liquid ammonia from the liquid into a gaseous, reduce the decomposition of ammonia energy consumption, to ensure that the decomposition rate of ammonia , And to ensure the life of the catalyst.

 5) gas cooler: equipped with gas heat exchanger can be the initial decomposition of ammonia decomposition furnace out of the temperature of high temperature decomposition gas, but also can make ammonia into the furnace liquid ammonia gasification, reduce the ammonia decomposition furnace pressure, from the gas heat The exchanger was initially cooled.

 6) temperature control: the use of digital temperature controller and K-type thermocouple, partition temperature control.