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Kaixin History And Our New Vacuum Phase Change Products Scope
Mar 27, 2018

(1) Kaixin Enterprise Ltd. was established in 2002 in Foshan China. In 2012 set up an office in Hongkong, mainly dealing with the finance issue, which helps payment from oversea easier and more convenient. In 2014, we organised a team and the members are all the professional managers from the domestic LED lighting industry and senior technicians.

At the beginning of 2014, in order to solve the problem of CPU cooling, the core technical staffs of the Company learned about the preliminary heat dissipation theory from the R & D personnel who had left from a large foreign enterprise, and began to experiment with vacuum plating radiator and foam copper radiator. , But the market is not widely used  at that time. In 2015 we turned into the Research of gravity heat pipe technology, trial expansion of the gravity heat pipe, the vapour chambers heat sink, large heat pipe. Under the help of  Li Yong and Zhang Zhen who were graduated from Tsinghua University. In September 2015,the high heat density alloy plate synthesis technology and microgravity molecular heat transfer technology were obtained. By the end of 2015, the company's senior management decided to set up the brand of Fealtion and BLX in suzhou , set up R & D centre and completed the applying of high temperature hot melt Welding technology, low boiling point heat transfer media synthesis technology, high vacuum forming technology, etc., in March 2015 we completed the preparation of large-scale production of products and in early April 2015 we completed the production line installation and product  scale production.

 (2) the project core technology has been intellectual property rights.

(3) technical advantages

The current high-power LED manufacturing was developed toward high-performance, integrated and miniaturisation,its chip power density can be up to hundreds of W / cm2. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of High power LED lighting is about 30% and about 70% of the energy conversion to heat emissions, so the chip heat flux density is extremely high. And LED junction temperature rise will lead to decreased luminous efficiency, shortened life, the emission spectrum drift, when serious it will burn the chip, so heat dissipation is the most important problem need to be solved. Now the market has also put forward a lot of radiator programs, but because of the problem of cooling efficiency ,most of them are basically bulky, low cost, and still can not solve the problem, ultra-high power radiator (200W-500W) is not yet feasible product. As for the above problem, the company independently developed (200W-500W) ultra-high thermal radiator project, the project uses the overall vacuum seal and with the heat fin structure around,which make the heat pipe heat conduction efficiency, heat dissipation fast; under the condition of high vacuum and low pressure, the cooling medium can quickly gasify at low temperature, realise the heat dissipation fast, cooperating with the new cooling medium, greatly reduce the gasification temperature, enhance the heat dissipation rate, reduce the thermal gradient between the middle and the edge, Rapid heat dissipation, small size, low cost, Such heat sink structure body which used this new technology to produce, its heat flux up to 1600W / Km, more than all known metal, and also long life, long-term use, suitable for large-scale promotion.