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The transformation and development of China's aluminum processing industry
Jul 18, 2018

Recently, the annual China aluminum processing industry conference, sponsored by China nonferrous metal processing industry association, was held in Foshan,Guangdong province. Chen quanxun, secretary and President of the party committee of China nonferrous metal industry association attended and addressed the meeting.

In his speech, Chen said that in recent years, China's aluminum processing industry (precision aluminum machining and CNC parts) has focused on promoting industrial development, transformation and upgrading, showing many highlights. First, it has achieved remarkable results in expanding its application. In the field of transportation, the trend of lightweight is obvious. Aluminum alloy building templates, overpass Bridges, suitcases, aluminum furniture and other products are booming, which has become a new growth point for promoting industrial development. Second, we have significantly increased our capacity for innovation. Major breakthroughs were made in a number of major projects to strengthen China's national strength, and the first batch of medium-thick aluminum alloy plates for domestic aviation were exported. Third, positive progress was made in structural adjustment. Building to the field of Windows and doors curtain wall aluminum enterprises, industrial aluminum enterprises continuously extend in the direction of semi-finished products, components and finished products, the industry as a whole are terminal to the industry chain and value chain. However, the deep-seated problems of structural overcapacity, weak basic research capacity, low degree of industrial intensification and low quality and efficiency of development remain. The internal and external environment, including stronger environmental constraints, higher operating costs and increased trade protection, is grim and complex.

Chen quanxun pointed out that in the next few years, it is a key stage for China's aluminum processing 

industry to turn from a large to a strong one. We need to focus on key areas and places where we are stuck and address the weaknesses in the industry. We should strengthen communication, avoid unordered competition and actively respond to trade frictions. We will continue to expand our application and continue to take new steps on the basis of our achievements. (lu Xun).

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