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Radiator Extrusion Production Process
Oct 17, 2017

1, for high density teeth and tongue than the mold test mode, the first aluminum rod must be 150-200mm short aluminum rods or pure aluminum rods.

2, before the test mode, you must adjust the extrusion center, squeeze the shaft, Sheng Dong tube and die seat outlet in a center line.

3, in the test mode and the normal production process, aluminum rod heating temperature to ensure that between 480-520 ℃.

4, the mold heating temperature according to the conventional mold temperature, control at 480 ℃ or so, the diameter of 200mm below the flat mold holding time of not less than 2 hours, if the shunt mold insulation in more than 3 hours; diameter greater than 200mm above the mold insulation 4-6 Hour to ensure that the mold core temperature and external temperature uniformity.

5, in the test mode or before production, you must use a clear cylinder pad to clean up the drum barrel, and see whether the normal operation of the extruder empty.

Six, try or start production, the extruder automatically shut down, each switch to zero. From the minimum pressure began to slowly from the pressure, the material about 3-5 minutes, aluminum filling process, the main control of the pressure. Pressure control in the 100Kg / cm2 or less, the ammeter data within 2-3A, generally 80-120Kg / cm2 can be expected before the slow acceleration, the normal production of extrusion pressure to less than 120 Kg / cm2 prevail.

7, mold in the test mode or production process, such as the discovery of blockage, partial teeth, the speed deviation is too large and so the phenomenon of immediate downtime, and point off the way unloading, to avoid the mold scrapped.

8, in the test mode or production process, the outlet must be smooth, advance or clamp jibs loose according to the situation of reasonable grasp. At any time to observe the abnormal situation, timely processing, the downtime to immediately stop.

9, straightening process, to carefully detect changes before and after, the operation of norms, moderate force, strict product quality.

10, in accordance with the requirements of the production schedule reasonable length, sawing, the sawtooth feed speed can not be too fast, to avoid injury to the end, the end must be clamped, remove the flash and burr.

11, loaded baskets to regulate, including the mat to be placed reasonable, to avoid damage profiles.

12, profile aging temperature control in the 190 ± 5 ℃, insulation 2.5-4 hours, baked after the air-cooled.