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The market demand of professional precision parts
Oct 16, 2017

(1) development status of equipment manufacturing industry

Economic growth and urbanization, industrialization, and promote energy, resources, infrastructure and investment demand growth, for oil and gas, clean and efficient power generation equipment manufacturing, engineering and mining machinery and other growth; At the same time, with a low carbon economy as the core of the new economic policy, the need to eliminate and high pollution, high energy consumption, low efficiency of electric power equipment, equipment technical upgrades, upgrade the formation of higher level needs; As a manifestation of national competitiveness, the equipment manufacturing industry has the support of national policies.

In the United States, Germany, Japan and other major transnational corporations in developed countries are the core and key technologies owned by the main equipment manufacturing enterprises, which are the world's leading level and the high end of the industrial chain. Developed countries put forward the "industrialization", "low-carbon economy" new concept of development, equipment manufacturing industry into a new round of competition era, occupation technical commanding heights technology development trend of large, intelligent, precise, efficient and clean as the main characteristics.

(2) development of special equipment and parts industry

Special equipment components as upstream of the equipment manufacturing industry products, widely used in oil and gas, clean and efficient power generation, engineering and mining machinery, transportation, aerospace and other major equipment industry, benefit from the rapid growth of the demand of the main equipment, has entered a new historical development period.

The multinational corporations in developed countries are the main body, with the global industrial chain of the perfect professional equipment, and the integration of the global industry through continuous optimization. The first decade of this century, multinational companies have low cost resources mainly through the global procurement mode, now began to accelerate the market prospect is good, low production costs of direct investment countries and regions, based on technology and capital advantage, to build a more concise and effective special equipment parts and components industry chain, to realize the global manufacturing.