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The processing method of deformation of CNC precision parts
Oct 16, 2017

1. Overall processing and deformation control process

Large wall part of the whole process is analyzed, and the size of the blank large tensile aluminum alloy plate, finally formed a "smooth and" asymmetry of the structure of the whole wall part, under normal circumstances, the material removal rate reached 95%. Create the pre-tension aluminum alloy in the process of machining deformation is mainly caused by the residual stress release, especially the large size parts, machining removal in the process, if can't very well solve the problem of residual stress release, easily lead to large deformation of parts processing and processing process, cause size out-of-tolerance scrap or product does not conform to the requirements.

2. Release of blank residual stress

Very big blank wall parts by a large tensile aluminum alloy plate, the whole weight of the blank can be up to 5 ~ 6 t, storage and transportation process, due to the vibration, the influence of such factors as the temperature changes, billet deformation is greatly influence the clamping position easily. The current status of the "arch" can't be clamped to the platform, where the 19,000mm * 1500mm * 1500 mm blank is stored, transported, and deformed to 8mm. Therefore, the processing of blank deformation is very important and necessary.