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Analysis On The Popularization Of China 's LED Lighting
Oct 17, 2017

LED lighting unified use of LED as a light source, compared to ordinary lighting, have more advantages. Energy saving and environmental protection Needless to say, its high efficiency and long life is in line with people's use of psychology.

Over the past two years, LED lighting in the commercial and industrial areas have been rapid development, but with the technological progress, the current LED lighting has begun to enter the field of home lighting, and achieved good results.

At present, the obstruction of LED lighting products into the civilian market, there are two main factors: on the one hand because the community of LED technology and product awareness is still in the initial stage, the experts survey results show that Chinese consumers can recognize Clear LED bulb ratio is only 25%, LED lighting to universal, to enhance consumer awareness is still the key.

On the other hand, because LED lighting lamps compared to traditional lighting products, the vast majority of home users to see the short-term cost benefits, and will not be long-term energy efficiency considerations in the first place, therefore, LED lighting penetration The rate has been difficult to be satisfactory.

To enhance the penetration of LED lighting must start from these two aspects, in the popularization of LED knowledge at the same time, technology to promote the way to gradually reduce the price of LED lighting, and thus promote the global application of universal.