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Safety Precautions Should Be Noted In Hand Plate Making
Oct 16, 2017

Panel design is the most important step to improve the quality of standard, need to consider many factors, including the selection of standard materials, hand safety and usability of this structure, machinability of standard parts and standard maintenance convenience, these at the beginning of the design should be considered more carefully.

The main failure mode of punching die is the cutting edge wear, and the surface hardness is high and the wear-resistant material is selected. The stamping die is mainly subjected to periodic load, which can cause the surface fatigue crack, which leads to the peeling of the surface, which is to choose the material with good surface toughness. The deep die should choose materials with especially low friction coefficient; Because of the cyclic thermal stress, the pressure casting mould should choose the material with high thermal fatigue.

In the design of hand plate structure, it is necessary to be compact and easy to operate, and also ensure that the hand plate parts have sufficient strength and stiffness. When the handboard structure permits, the corners of the hand plate parts should be designed as round corners to avoid stress concentration. For the concave mold, cavity and part of the punch mode, the core can be combined or set to eliminate stress concentration, long, elongated die or core, and appropriate protective measures should be taken in the structure. For cold die, the device should be configured to prevent the blockage of the assembly or scrap (e.g., bullet pin, compressed air, etc.). At the same time, it is also important to consider how to reduce the impact of sliding fitting and frequent impact on the quality of the handboard during long use.