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custom aluminum extrusions

custom aluminum extrusions

custom aluminum extrusions for Hospital ward equipment belt, oxygen center system belt.

custom aluminum extrusions

Product description

This custom aluminum extrusions for Hospital ward equipment belt mainly used in hospital, which can load gas terminal, power switch and socket and other equipment. It is an essential gas terminal control device for oxygen and central attraction systems.

1. Aluminum alloy sprayed surface treatment, beautiful appearance, wear-resistant, easy to clean.

2. Single cavity and double cavity structure.

3. Dual channel separation of circuit gas circuit, safe and reliable.

4. Installation and maintenance is convenient.

5. Gas pipe is tested with 100% air tightness.


The size of this Hospital ward equipment belt is 200*55mm, of which 200 is the width of the equipment belt, 55 is the equipment belt height, and the aluminum thickness is 1.1 and 1.5, of which the equipment belt of 1.3 thickness is 210mm wide. The common color is grass green, sky blue, pink, other colors can be customized, MOQ should be at least 500 meters.

This hospital ward equipment belt is equipped with the switch, socket, lamp chimney, oxygen supply system and suction system. 

The project detail showing as follows:



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