Water Cooled LED Heat Sink

Water Cooled LED Heat Sink

LED HEATSINK using liquid cooling thermal technology Brief Introduction: LED Heat Sink Liquid cooling heat sink for LED lighting. We have focus on this new type of heat transfer technology for over 5 years and have achieved 13 patents for it. The thermal conductivity using this liquid cooling...

Product Details

Water Cooled Heat Sink

LED HEATSINK using liquid cooling thermal technology

Water cooled heat sink

Brief Introduction:  

water cooled heat sink for LED lighting.

We have focused on this new type water cooled heat sink of heat transfer technology for over 5 years and have achieved 13 patents for it. The thermal conductivity using this liquid cooling thermal system is over 30 times better than copper.

The advantage for these liquid cooling heat sinks:

1. super thermal conductivity

2. super cooling capacity

3. no power consumption cooling

4. light weight, small size

5. high reliability

6. cost-effective, environmental friendly

Quick details:

Model NO.:  KX-008

size Lxwxh:  595X90X192mm/595X258X80mm

Origin:  Foshan China

Heat sink Material:  Aluminum AA6063/AA6060

Application:  Industrial, High Bay, Low Bay, Outdoor LEDs, LED Heat sinks.         

Surface finish: Raw material/ silver anodise/ black anodise/blasting anodise/polish etc. 

Packaging:  1pcs/box. or according to your requirement.

Delivery time:  Within 10 working days.

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The current high-power LED manufacturing is under the development of high-performance, integrated and miniaturization, the chip's power density of up to hundreds of W / cm2. High-power LED electro-optical conversion efficiency of about 30%, about 70% of the energy converted to heat dissipation, so  heat flux density of the chip is extremely high. While LED junction temperature rising will lead to the decreasing of luminous efficiency, shortened life, the emission spectrum drift, sometimes critically it will burn the chip, so thermal ability is the most important issue we need to tackle for high power LED lighting.Now the market has also put forward a lot of radiator program, but because of the cooling efficiency of the problem, are basically bulky, low cost, and still can not solve the problem, ultra-high power radiator (200W-800W) is not yet feasible product.

Integrated above,Our company independently developed (200W-800W) ultra-high thermal radiator project, this project uses the overall vacuum seal and with the heat fin around structure, so that the heat conduction of heat pipe will be more efficiency and fast heat dissipation; under the condition of using three-layer sealing hole to achieve high vacuum, the cooling medium can quickly gasify at low temperature, realize the heat dissipation fast, using with the new cooling medium, greatly reduce the gasification temperature, enhance the heat dissipation rate, reduce the middle and edge of the thermal gradient, to achieve rapid heat dissipation, Small in size, low cost, and long service life, long-term use, suitable for large-scale promotion.

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KAIXIN Service:

1.Passed CE ,quality guarantee

2.Factory direct sale, competitive prices and prompt delivery.

3.Over 15 years experience in aluminium heat sink manufacturing

4.OEM and customer label are available.

5.Customer Service available 24/7. Great pre-sale and after-sale customer service.

6.Professional suggestions and technical support service, help you realise your goals and boost your sustainable development.

7.Intergrity and honesty are our company policy. What ever we promise we keep it. 

8.Payment Options: Western Union,TT, L/C are available.

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